Nov 14, 2012

Hey there!

Just switching over from my other blog! If you're new to this blog, here is the link to my old blog The Newlywed Games you can check out the few posts I've already written!

I'm a 19 year old, newlywed college student, fur-mommy, and photography lover! I'll write about the sometimes not so exciting events of my life, horror stories that I encounter through college, and any other things that come to mind! I'm hoping to develop my photography skills so my blog may include more pictures than words from time to time.

I will refer to my husband as M and our puppy as G for the most part. If you know me, you already know who they are but since they didn't sign up for this blog I will give them a little bit of privacy.

Disclaimer: As I've only been married a few months and this is a newlywed blog, the posts may be written in overly-mushy tones. They may also be written out of anger. You'll just have to wait and be surprised! :)

I would love to hear your comments and opinions so don't be afraid to comment or send me a message!

xoxo Mandy

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