Nov 24, 2012

Christmas has arrived!

I absolutely love Christmas! As much as I love Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful for everything, I am always so excited to decorate for Christmas. I'm still on Thanksgiving break until tomorrow afternoon so we decided to help decorate at my parents' house.

Mom went all out and bought new LED lights this year so I'm inheriting lots of "old" decorations to bring back to our place. I'll probably have to go out and buy some LED lights and more garland and such  because I want to deck our halls to the fullest.

I was in the festive mood while decorating so I donned the reindeer headband Mom got me this weekend. Christmas music fully blaring, we set out to fill this house with the holiday spirit. The tree is now up and fully decorated. Lights are strung up along the archways and above the cabinets. Tomorrow we'll help put up the outdoor lights before we head out.

Dad jumped out of the tractor today after doing some yard work and hurt his leg pretty badly so say an extra prayer for him please. Tomorrow is Mom's birthday and we'll  be traveling home and unpacking the rest of the day so I may not post tomorrow.

I'm hoping to plan out some fun 25 days of Christmas activities in the next few days as well as bake some holiday goodies. Any suggestions/recipes?

xoxo Mandy

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