Nov 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn pt 2 SPOILER

I've started to recover from my lack of sleep last night. Why so little sleep you ask? I went to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn!

For those of you who dislike the Twilight Saga or just haven't seen it may want to stop reading here because I'm about to give my reaction and will be revealing details!

I read the book series in high school and had an obsession to say the least. I've been waiting impatiently for/dreading the release of the final installment since I first started the books. Now that I've seen it I sort of wish I had waited because it's over now and I have nothing to look forward to.

This movie was the best one yet in my opinion! I was not sure what to expect since they split the final book into a two part movie. I felt unlike most book-turned-movies this one actually followed along with the book fairly well. One part I didn't really care for was the "fake" quality of baby Renesmee. It honestly looked like they took the program where you throw in two pictures and it shows what their baby might look like. Was a little creepy if you ask me.

My favorite part of going to the Twilight movies at the midnight premiere is all the crazies' reactions. Seriously girls were screaming when the beginning credits were playing. Pretty sure some people were even crying during the movie. The best reaction though was (SPOILER) when they had the flashback during the fight scene. Everything was going along fine and then boom, Carlisle is gone. I don't think I've heard a louder collective gasp in my life. Even my jaw dropped. Then one by one more people were dropping and the shrieks got worse. Then flash to present and everyone's jaws drop again.

Well done, Bill Condon, well done. You had everyone going for a good while with that one! I can say that I will most likely go see it again in theaters. When you go to a midnight premiere you're usually in such a sleepy haze that it's sort of hard to remember it all/pay attention. I want to take it all in again!

There you go. That's my not so expert opinion on Breaking Dawn pt 2.

xoxo Mandy

ps. I'm team Edward after this movie..

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